Imagin'hair in Geneva

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Afro hairstyles: our speciality !

Weaves, Brazilian stitched, braids: our experienced hairdressers will do whatever you want !

Extensions and weaves in natural hair

The 5A-quality natural hair we work with is 100% Asiatic

Natural hair

For weaves or extensions ...

... choose 5A-quality hair !

Natural hair extensions - Imagin'hair - GenevaNatural hair extensions - Imagin'hair - GenevaBecause our hairdressers specialise in Afro hairstyles, we do of course offer hairdressing services that are more geared towards women of African origin.

In order to achieve a top-quality result, we make weaves and place extensions with 100% natural human hair. This comes exclusively from Asia, and specifically India and Malaysia, because we know that Indian and Malaysian hair is the best quality there is.

On request, we also make tailored wigs from natural hair.

Practical information

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