Imagin'hair in Geneva

Time for you in a pleasant and comfortable hairdressing salon

Afro hairstyles: our speciality !

Weaves, Brazilian stitched, braids: our experienced hairdressers will do whatever you want !

Extensions and weaves in natural hair

The 5A-quality natural hair we work with is 100% Asiatic


Imagin'hair : your women's hairdresser in Geneva

For an Afro hairstyle or a more classic international hairstyle

Our hairdressers who are experienced in Afro hairstyles will be able to meet your requests in :


Imagin'hair hairdressing salon - Afro hairstyle - GenevaImagin'hair hairdressing salon - Afro hairstyle - Geneva¤ weaves


¤ Brazilian stitched

¤ straightening

¤ braids

¤ plaits

¤ extensions with top-quality natural hair



Even though we put an emphasis on Afro hairstyles, we do of course also offer our clients more classic hairdressing services such as blow-drying, colouringbuns, etc ...

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to make an appointment !

Practical information

Rue des Pâquis 4 B 1201 Geneva
Mon-Sat: 09:30-19:00
(With or without an appointment)